Exchange and return

Not completely satisfied with your purchase? No problem!

Report your return by email: and clearly indicate which items it concerns and why you wish to return them.

If you would like a product in a different size or color, please state the reason for return and which size or color you would like instead.

After receiving and accepting your request for return, you will receive confirmation from us that the product can be returned. Please do not return products without confirmation, these products will be refused.

Return conditions:

  • Within the trial period of 14 days starting from the day after receipt of the items
  • The items must not have been worn or used
  • The items are packed in the original packaging
  • Accessories, gloves, scarves, hats, stockings, etc. will not be returned

Fast, simple and free

Drop off your return shipment free of charge at a DPD pickup parcel shop. Use the supplied return label for this. Do you no longer have a return label? No problem, just send us an email and we will resend it.

Tip ! Please keep your proof of shipment until your return has been processed by us.

You can also exchange your product for free in our store, Shangrila Fashion Antwerp - Vleminckveld 5.

As soon as we have received your package, the new product will be sent or the return will be paid. This is always done by bank transfer (also when returning to the store).

When shopping online, choose wisely! Reduce returns and environmental impact by carefully checking sizes. Together towards a more sustainable future!