• I am Monique , mother of Chiara and Ilan and manager of Shangrila, among others. After a short career as a secretary, I started as a representative of fantasy jewelry and accessories.

Welcome to shangrilla

After the kids were born I became very ill and had to take cortisone for a year. The result was worth seeing... 30kg extra Monique! This made me look for clothing that fit my new self and ended up with the Nook brand.... It was such a success that many other brands quickly followed. This was immediately the start of my new 'life' in the fashion world.

Our story

The next step was obvious, I also wanted to personally help people feel beautiful. This is how our store, Shangrila Fashion, was founded 35 years ago on the Keyserlei in Antwerp. Due to circumstances we have moved a number of times, to Lombardenstraat, Vlaamse kaai, Nationalestraat and other nice locations in Antwerp.

our online store

Until I ended up in a burnout 14 years ago and closed everything down. It was certainly the right decision at the time, but I missed my customers, the nice chats and radiant faces too much. That is why we have started a new store in the Volkstraat with full courage.

Now we are facing yet another new start, this one of our online store. A bit forced due to the corona circumstances, but this has been planned for some time and we are super excited. Hopefully you are too?

Shangrilla Antwerpen Video

(This video was recorded in our previous building, we have now moved to Vleminckveld 5 - Antwerp)