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Collection: AMMA

Amma derives its creative energy from the fact that the name means mother in the colloquial Indian language. We chose this name because we believe it can serve as a rich source of inspiration within the concept of a 'mother' of creative ideas . As the name suggests, the brand consists of a fresh compilation of clothing collections inspired by the global state of culture. The brand originates from Greece in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, a long-established center of fashion and textiles, currently home to design and retail activities.

Production follows a sustainable model, as we produce in a close-knit collaborative program of small-scale clothing workshops that share the same sustainability principles with us. Handmade details in our garments are a regular feature and our strict quality standards ensure that our production methods ensure that the garments last for years to come. Fabric sourcing also follows a similar pattern as we source and buy from textile mills that demonstrate environmental sensitivity.

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