And the time has come!
one more week and we will definitely close the store in the Volkstraat! We waited patiently for almost 7 years! My hopes were pinned on the 'museum' but it just didn't open.

the Volkstraat is really NOT A SHOPPING STREET! People come to eat, drink and socialize.... not to shop.

Honestly ? It was super hard!

So now we move. A new neighborhood, a beautiful place, a beautiful store with lots of space and new possibilities... I'm excited! 🥳

from November 1, 2020 we will open our doors. A new start, a new challenge. Anyway a bit with a stomach ache... how with lockdowns... but as an eternal optimist... I just move on!

i'm here for you! Even if you can't / don't want to come to the store.. I can show you what we have via messenger / zoom and help you with beautiful clothes.

I am looking forward to it ! You too ?

love for now, in love and light,


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