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After the fire

It certainly hasn't been easy! It's been since 25/8/2022 since the store in Antwerp, Vleminckveld 5 burned down but... I haven't fully recovered from it yet! How intense it was.

I thought I had given the incident a place for a long time, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is still a subject that many a tear is shed over.

Now it's been 9 months again, a complete human journey (they say that) and I have the feeling that I've actually sat in my cubicle enough and grieved.

This month I saw a large part of my customers again during the stock sale and that made me realize that this is really a gift for me! My customers that I really have known for so many years and of whom I know the deepest secrets and desires...:) but also just chatting and laughing, I was so happy.

That also made me long to sell again, to be busy with people and make them beautiful despite or precisely because of our 'discomforts and disappointments' curves and more imperfections (according to the books).

The reopening of the webshop is already a start, the rest will probably follow later, but starting at the beginning...... bringing back cool clothing with a unique character, quality, peculiarities and so many more crazy things.

I'm a happy person again (although I'd rather find someone to do this job for me :))

Do you have special wishes, remarks, stories or whatever? Let me know, you can follow me personally on both instagram and facebook (Monique Culenaire) but also under Sangrila-Fashion.

Now let me do the most important thing; put cool clothes on the webshop and hope you find things that are to your liking.....

Enjoy your search for yourself because that's what clothing is..... your own identity.



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