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It's all still trial and error... nothing is perfect the first time :)

Frustration and fatigue are now the result of reopening the webshop and still not being completely 'ready'. The sales are over and packed up again. I decided very late to open again and therefore I was too late to purchase most of the collections. That causes stress! I want new collections in the store very soon, but I don't have anything yet... except the small sizes that I use to show to the retailers who come to buy collections from me. There is nothing wrong with these clothes, they have never been worn and are brand new but...... they are small sizes!

Because I wanted something quickly in the store and also online, that is a bit of a distorted image and many people think that our concept of larger sizes suddenly no longer applies. Nothing could be further from the truth, dear people, we are certainly not going to change our concept, but apart from Moonshine and Grizas, I don't have anything else in larger sizes yet... it will come, just be patient.

Luukaa, Ozai N Kü, Alembika, Grizas, Thanny, Moonshine, Working Overtime and many others will follow in larger sizes and in many colors and qualities.

My impatience has played tricks on me before, but now I feel it so hard again. Nothing can be perfect the first time, setting up a webshop and everything that goes with it is nerve-wracking and a lot of work.... but it will work!

me patience, you patience, we patience :)

In any case, we are in the store and already have beautiful items in stock, so do us a favor, come in and make yourself and us happy.

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